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Energy Upgrade in Dalkey

Energy Upgrade in Dalkey

Homeowners looking to boost their properties with ingenious, elegant designs need to look no further than the award-winning architectural firm Studio Negri. Those with a keen eye for eco-friendly designs or Dublin’s latest installations may already have stumbled upon the applauded works of this Irish firm. But make no mistake – Studio Negri has even more to offer.

Established by Irish-Italian architect, Andre Negri in 2006, Studio Negri has grown from a part-time venture to a full-time practice with a diverse portfolio. The architecture and design firm take on a variety of commissions. Andre told Irish Property Guides, “Every scheme is regarded as a singular opportunity to achieve design ingenuity with a strong understanding of environmental and sustainable issues.”
It was the practice’s attention to design details such as thermal performance, natural light and low carbon footprints that no doubt caught the attention of the creators of the book ‘100 Eco Architects’. Studio Negri was picked, along with ninety-nine other architects specializing in eco-friendly design, for its contribution to the increasingly popular arena of sustainable design.

Our buildings are designed with excellent thermal performance, quality natural light and low carbon footprints that automatically reduce energy consumption,” Andre explained. “We strive to maximise the use of sunlight, uncluttered spaces and gardens. We use natural materials like stone and ensure good sound proofing.

Our focus is on buildings that promote efficient energy use .While buildings need to function according to a simple logic, they also need to offer an added richness to their users – providing a poetry for everyday life.


The balance between poetics and logic, as Andre says, is perhaps the firm’s biggest selling point– one not missed by RTE’s ‘About the House’. Studio Negri was chosen to star on the show and went on to successfully transform a Dundrum home with the worst possible energy rating – a ‘G’ rating – into a highly efficient ‘A’ rated house, with completely new spaces.

Outside of the limelight, work rolls on for Studio Negri, as the practice continues to expand its portfolio with new commissions. Projects currently underway include Marine House in Dun Laoghaire, a Victorian protected structure with sea views that will soon include a sensitively designed three-story extension at the rear of the home. Another project underway on the south side of Dublin is a large terraced house in Dalkey – work includes an emphasis on urban design, new energy efficiency and flowing spaces with the inclusion of a sculptural staircase.

At Studio Negri, clients find themselves at ease with Andre thanks to his 16 years’ worth of experience in the industry and interpersonal skills. As a member of the RIAI since 2006 and a certified Passive House designer, Andre has completed projects on residential, healthcare, industrial, commercial and leisure facilities. His expertise includes master planning, feasibility studies, planning applications, tender packages and disability access certificate applications.

Andre Negri is the resident architect at the Irish Wheelchair Association, adding another string to Studio Negri’s bow. The practice specializes in universal accessibility and is currently working on a project which involves the conversion of an old Krupps factory in Limerick – which is soon to be a Resource and Outreach centre. This project has a particular emphasis on accessibility.

While discussing the various difficulties facing architects like Andre, who aim to create contemporary, sustainable structures that facilitate the broader community he explained:

It is important to respect older buildings and especially protected structures. Having conservation accreditation facilitates this and allows us to make discrete and distinctive interventions. Meanwhile, having EU certification in Passive House Design facilitates the most highly efficient solutions for modern buildings.


The use of regenerative energies and resources, like geothermal energy and rainwater, plays an important role in Studio Negri’s concept.

Using the intensive integration of daylight, the natural ventilation of buildings and the minimum consumption of energy and resources, we aim to providethe highest degree of utilization comfort

Andre explained.


Studio Negri is set to continue striving for excellence in the realm of Eco-Architecture and sustainable designs that are simple, elegant and uncluttered. With a string of awards already under its belt, Studio Negri is one to watch. For those who can’t wait, Studio Negri won an international design competition for a memorial to institutional abuse. So, keep your eyes open when visiting the Garden of Remembrance in Dublin and enjoy Studio Negri’s compelling and yet sensitive designs for yourself.

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