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Award-winning Dublin architectural firm specialising in eco-friendly designs and energy efficiency

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Attention to design details such as thermal performance, natural light and low carbon footprints are attributes that showcased Studio Negri in the international book ‘100 Eco Architects’. Studio Negri was selected for its contribution to the increasingly essential arena of sustainable design.

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Our buildings are designed with excellent thermal and acoustic performance, quality natural light and low carbon footprints, following passive house design principles that automatically reduce energy consumption and promote efficient energy use.

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Studio Negri continues to strive for excellence in the realm of Eco Architecture and sustainable designs that are simple, elegant and uncluttered. Every scheme is regarded as a singular opportunity to achieve design ingenuity with a strong understanding of environmental and sustainable issues.

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Wide Portfolio

Studio Negri has completed projects on residential, healthcare, industrial, commercial, leisure facilities and specialising in universal accessibility, including the conversion of old buildings to make them fully accessible.

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