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Sustainable Energy Community upgrade programme

Studio Negri, SE Systems & SEAI are working with the IWA Clontarf campus to create a Sustainable Energy Community.

A Sustainable Energy Community [SEC] is a community in which everyone works together to develop a sustainable energy system. To achieve this, the aim is to be as energy-efficient as possible using renewable energy to develop decentralised energy supplies. This integrated approach allows for a balance of demand and supply, which gives the community greater energy autonomy. This allows new technologies to be tried and tested in an incubator or living laboratory environment.

The eco-friendly approach is part of a national catalyst to target strategic upgrades to stimulate sustainable energy practice through demonstration of best practice in exemplary communities at a national and European level.

The campus has a variety of functions including residential, commercial, community resource and outreach centre, community sports facilities and training workshops.

A series of eco interventions will be made and will involve the complete removal of oil tanks, the introduction of Euro Smart Controls, Moisture to Water Heat Pumps, 440 percent efficiency Heat recovery extracts, Thermostatic radiator valves, energy efficient led light bulbs, attic insulation, cavity insulation and 98% efficient gas condensing boilers.

The measures will have a 3-year payback and lead to considerable savings in energy costs over the lifetime of the community.

The followings eco-friendly interventions will be introduced:

EuroSmart Controls

Upgrade control system to the supply, installation and commissioning of the EuroSmart heat management system. The EuroSmart system will provide individual intelligent control throughout, accessible from a Central Touchscreen controller.

Moisture to Water Heat Pump (Horizontal Super Split Silent System) supply, installation and commission, Super Split Specification in accordance with BS EN 12831.

  • Vapourthermal heat pump Super Split system (Smart Grid Ready).

  • Electonic energy control system with a digital interface.

  • Weather compensation output to heating demand including sensors.

  • 1,000 litre insulated buffer vessel for stable operation and long life.

  • Anti-vibrating heating hose, flexi piping system.

  • Soft start system “low power draw” smooth operation.

  • Flow meter to monitor output power delivered.

  • Vapour injection, high temperature-low pressure.

  • Electronic Expansion including calibration to accelerate efficiency.

  • Millennium split Horizontal evaporator table with modulating fans to boost efficiency.

Europa 323 (Heat Recovery Extract @ 440% efficiency

Remove existing oil boilers, cylinders and existing pipework. Supply pressure vessel, filling loop, EuroSaver cylinder, including un-vented kit, pressure and temperature blow off.

Thermostatic Radiator Valves

Supply and install of Thermostatic radiator valves. Include draining of system, treating of the system, filling and testing.

Gas condensing boiler

Supply & install 60kW Gas condensing boiler.

Boiler to be cascaded with existing gas boiler, complete with weather compensation linked to outside sensor with adjustable parameters to match flow temperature required with heat loss and operating via diverting valves, maximum flow temperature sensor adjustable to existing system radiators.

A system to ensure maximum efficiency and the most consistent temperature. The boiler will condense to allow all efficiencies of over 98% and modulate to match demand.

Hot Water Production

Hot water production to a EuroSaver 500 liter stainless cylinder complete with rapid recovery coils delivering a fast response time.


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