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Finalist / SEAI Energy Awards

We are delighted to be Finalists for the SEAI National Retrofit Awards. The winner will be announced on the 7th October at the Gibson Hotel. The other finalists are SSE Airtricity, Electric Ireland Superhomes and SOLA Energy Solution.

Our submission included the approach we have been taking on all our projects since 2010. We displayed 7 different homes which ranged from a 200 year old Georgian mews building, to a terraced Edwardian home, to a 1950’s semi-detached home and 2 detached houses.


Our philosophy is to promote sustainability and the use of natural materials, carbon reduction in all stages of the design process and transform old buildings to have a very high energy performance using renewable energy sources. By reusing and extending the lifecycle of a property over building new structures, it promotes the circular economy and reduces the negative effects of the construction process on the environment.


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Retrofit.

The importance of environmental awareness in the construction industry is essential. The most sustainable way of building is to retrofit old buildings to the highest standard possible and reduce the amount of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. The carbon footprint of buildings can be reduced by up to 30% -40% by retro-fitting them. It is our duty as designers to explore the value of retrofitting on all new projects and as a society this is a positive way to contribute to the circular economy. At Studio Negri we strive to become a model for sustainable leadership. We specialise in transforming old buildings and have the expertise to retrofit all building types in an innovative way that extends their future lifecycle. An urgent global response is required to solve the climate crisis.

By using the approach of reduce, reuse, recycle and retrofit, old structures can be transitioned into Nearly Zero Energy Buildings.


- 1. - Excellence

We strive for excellence and aim to be trustworthy for all our clients.

- 2. - A Rating

Always aim to achieve the highest possible BER rating. Integrate renewable and low carbon technologies. Ensure the best passive strategies to suit individual projects.

Advise clients on the benefit of deep retrofits over new construction.

- 3. CO2 Reduction

Reduce embodied carbon in materials and the carbon footprint of the full architectural design process. Embrace the circular economy.

- 4. Innovation

Remain updated with new techniques and strategies applied globally in architecture, apply the latest cutting edge low-carbon design solutions.

- 5. Eco-friendly materials

Specify long-lasting high-quality materials to all projects, which are not only planet-friendly but also increase the building lifecycle.

Best design solutions start with passive, simple, and efficient designs with materials that belong to their place.

- 6. All buildings

We firmly believe that all building should be designed following sustainable principles. This philosophy is applied to all building types and remains at the centre of our design approach.

These six core values are inseparable and profoundly interconnected.

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